We proudly present


Your data. Right now. Scalable on AWS.

We proudly present


Your data. Right now. Scalable on AWS.

WDP Features

The Wizzie Data Platform is the versatile foundation you need to build you data acquisition applications, without having to worry about all the underlying technology, protocols and systems. Just get your data, and take care of it.

Open Source

Wizzie uses free software extensively, allowing us to innovate very quickly. But Wizzie is not just about technology, it aims to lead an ecosystem of users and ideas without ties to suppliers, keeping their liberty to innovate.

Real Time

Despite the huge amounts of information to process, Wizzie allows you to see it all and act in real time. Layered storage provides interactive responses while maintaining an unlimited storage capacity.


The demands imposed by data grow every day. Wizzie allows you to scale fast & horizontally to cope with any load and its flexibility allows to save money at the same time. All its components are elastic.

Ready for cloud

Wizzie Data Platform is available as a shared service (SaaS) for certain use cases, but we also allow managing a dedicated infrastructure for our customers (IaaS) as well as deploying it on GCP or AWS.


The layers that make up the Wizzie Data Platform can be used either shared among several customers to reduce costs or isolated to increase security. Control systems that safeguard privacy are always implemented.


WDP is an ideal solution on which to build a new product or vertical without having to worry about the underlying complexity. It is easy to add your know-how, customize the interface that we already provide, or use your own.

Real World Wizzie

Just click on the video to see our Wizzie Data Platform at work. Blazingly fast analysis of real-time data, displayed in your environment. This way you can concentrate on what matters to you and your business, while WDP takes care of all the underlying complexities for you.

Powerful &
User Friendly

The Wizzie Data Platform, as well as the Prozzie Data Ingester are tuned for maximum throughput and versatility. This means that you can connect to hundreds of data sources to gather the relevant information and get it processed in real time, to extract the knowledge you need, when you need it. Our UIs simplify the visualization of even the most complex datasets in a manner that makes sense to you.

Want to know more?

Watch our Wizzie Data Platform in action and learn how it is built and what it can do for you and your business, when it comes to high volume data processing.

Be a Wiz!


Wizzie will revolutionize the way data is converted into value, creating the best free software system for real-time analysis.

The Wizzie Data Platform provides an end-to-end solution prepared to acquire, process in real time, store and visualize any kind of data, from almost any data source you can imagine.

Wizzie applies machine learning in combination with hyper-scale correlation rules to signal significant events.

How It Works

The Wizzie Data Platform is able to process all of your data in realtime, acquiring the information right at the source, using native protocols, for maximum integration into your existing systems.


Innumerable data points a protocols are integrated to form a consistent data source. Wizzie takes care for you.


The knowledge you may obtain from your data is only as good as the data itself. Wizzie makes it better.


All processing is done in real time, to give you the answers you need, right when you need them. Wizzie works them out.


Information only makes sense to the human eye if it is prepared in a visually appealing style. Like Wizzie does.

From our Users

Many of our users are already a Wizz. And look how happy they are with it…
I’m using sensors and actuators in my smarthome. Transforming and visualizing my incoming data from several sources was a headache. When I tried Wizzie Normalizer and Enricher, my problems disappeared. They save me a lot of time and provide me with the tools I need.
Carlos Rodríguez Reyes

Production Engineer, Facebook

I was looking for a way to process my IoT data. When I discovered Wizzie I thought it would be a good way. After using it, I’m impressed with the results!
Antonio Cobos Domínguez

Research Engineer, IMDEA Networks and UC3M

For me, Wizzie is the perfect platform to process and obtain metrics for all my different networks solutions. It allows me to monitor, securize and improve performance of my networks. Its system is easy to use and very powerful.
Antonio Hermoso López

Technical Project Manager, Cisco

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