Reducing fuel costs and the environmental impact of a transport fleet starts with increasing the efficiency of the engines in your vehicles. With this goal in mind, Wizzie and ECO-Cars join forces to offer the ultimate consumption and emissions control system based on Big Data architecture.

Basically, it is a technology that makes it possible to monitor the performance of all vehicles in the fleet, in order to optimize the use of fuel and minimize the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

On one hand, the ECO-Cars fuel optimizer device is installed in the vehicles in order to increase their efficiency, reducing the emission of polluting gases and saving on fuel. On the other hand, the Wizzie system collects data from the fleet before and after the installation of ECO-Cars, and shows it on control panels for observation and comparison tasks.

Savings in fuel consumption and reduction of polluting gases

The result is a global vision of the performance of all trucks in the fleet, so you can know the total fuel consumption of each vehicle per day, the CO2 it produces, and how much these figures decrease after the installation of the ECO-Cars device, and the savings that this allows. Thus, it is possible to have a more exhaustive control over fuel consumption and the reduction of the carbon footprint of the fleet.

Wizzie and ECO-Cars address the different factors that influence the fuel consumption of vehicles. The weight of the load, the type of driving or the tire pressure, among others, can increase the use of fuel, and consequently the generation of polluting gases, up to 8%. Our Technology takes these elements into account to provide accurate data on truck performance.

Technology for efficiency

With data from Wizzie’s and ECO-Cars CAN Bus, we provide a fuel saving system that makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the whole fleet and minimize the environmental impact caused by heavy transport.

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