The Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA), hosted the AOTEC 2021 Trade Show during September 23 and 24. The event, organized by AOTEC, a Telecommunications Companies Association, was the first in-person Trade Show organized in Málaga after the pandemic, hence risk prevention measures were more present than ever.

For this reason, the classic security measures had to be reinforced with new ones that would ensure that those attending the Trade Show were not at risk of contagion, complying with the recommended health measures of social distancing. To this end, FYCMA and the event organizer AOTEC decided to rely on the combination of Wizzie Analytics and OnTrace technologies to monitor in real time the number of visitors present at the FYCMA facilities, the crowd density in the different areas and the internal mobility.

Wizzie Data Platform is a real-time data analysis solution based on Big Data and Machine Learning that, thanks to the highly reliable data provided by the OnTrace platform based on its 3D cameras located at the accesses and the connection data to the Wi-Fi network of the facilities, allows monitoring in real time a series of indicators and metrics, corresponding to the behavior of visitors in a large space like this.

Specifically, the solution allowed to know at all times what the occupation level of the spaces was, as well as the routes people were taking, the mean stay at the areas, the entrances, the exits and the visitor density inside the facilities, making it possible for those responsible for the venue, to control the amount of visitors throughout the Trade Show and in its different areas, managing access based on that information.

In addition, FYCMA used the Wizzie alerts module, a configurable alarm system that is activated when the occupancy and density levels in specific areas are too high. The system launches an automatic warning to the staff to take action and guarantee security on the premises.

In the words of Antonio García Vidal, president of AOTEC, the use of this solution has provided security to visitors and AOTEC associates after a post-pandemic time. By monitoring the occupancy and analyzing the movement of visitors around the FYCMA site, the Trade Show has been able to be held in a space where good compliance with the anti-COVID guidelines was ensured.

In addition, the platform carried out real time sentiment analysis that the event generated in social networks, providing metrics about the experience of visitors to the Trade Show, as well as an analysis of the quality of the Wi-Fi network throughout the space of FYCMA.

In the words of Manuel Aguirre, head of FYCMA, “the data provided by the platform allows us to correct actions in real time or use historical data to analyze what has happened and plan the next editions of an event more efficiently both in distribution of the spaces and of the resources, so that they are located in the most critical places that we have identified in previous editions of the same event. Based on the potential of the platform, new services can be offered to improve the customer experience.”

Thanks to the Wizzie Analytics solution for Intelligent Spaces Analysis and the real-time information of the OnTrace platform, both FYCMA and AOTEC had a tool that allowed them to control and enforce compliance with social distancing measures, transmitting a feeling of safety to visitors and improving the results of 2019 regarding the number of booths, with a growth of 41% and the influx with more than 4,500 visitors, 50% more than the previous edition.

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