Fira de Barcelona restores confidence to conference organizers and opens the door to holding many other events.

The implementation of security measures to avoid crowds in the venue has been one of the main objectives of Fira de Barcelona to get back to normal and to guarantee the in-person attendance to its events.

On top of the Cisco network infrastructure installed at Fira de Barcelona, Wizzie Analytics has launched a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solution using the WiFi protocol as an access method to the data acquired in this process, in order to contribute to transform the venue into a smart space.

Wizzie Analytics brings both the expertise and the capacity to process all data in real time and provide attendees with the answers they need. The company has developed the necessary technology to monitor information as relevant as quality indicators related to mobility management, movement flows, affluence counting and control, areas of high people density and social distancing, supplier and fleet tracking and the geo-positioning of staff to be able to meet specific needs at all times.

The data analysis and deployment of IoT services (Internet of Things) at the Fira de Barcelona space provide an innovative solution that allows the detection of areas with high people density, predicting the social distance that may exist at any time or area, and the detection of behavior patterns. This way, the system can issue alerts and anticipate any incident, thus improving decision-making, reducing operating costs, and leveraging greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Fira de Barcelona‘s commitment to Wizzie Analytics translates into advantages for its visitors that go beyond security, improving the experience of all attendees, reducing waiting times and the provisioning services adapted to their needs, in real time.

About Wizzie Analytics

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company specialized in Big Data solutions based on its data acquisition platform WDP (Wizzie Data Platform). They are dedicated to the development of technologies for the real time storage, processing and visualization of all types and formats of data, collected from any source. Adapting the information processing through its different components on a simple interface, so that their customers can extract the knowledge they need and apply their own business logic, improving their decision-making.


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