With Wizzie’s Captive Portal, you will take your Wi-Fi network to the next level by offering your customers a unique, value-added, and secure connection experience through a high-quality authentication process that allows you to gather valuable information about your users.

This will enable you to maximize personalized marketing and customer loyalty.

Wizzie’s Captive Portal is the perfect complement to the Wizzie observability platform.

Wizzie's Captive Portal
  1. Control access and enhance your network security:
    With Wizzie’s captive portal Wi-Fi login solution, you can identify the customers connecting to your network, giving you greater control over who accesses it and improving your network security.
  2. Fully customizable:
    Tailor access to your company’s branding to provide a seamlessly integrated service that looks perfectly adapted to the user’s device.
  3. Get valuable user data:
    Make use of customer data collected in the captive portal to create detailed profiles, allowing you to create and send personalized and segmented marketing campaigns. Additionally, collect visitor data in compliance with data protection regulations.
  4. Integration with social networks:
    Facilitate user access to the network through social media logins. This not only simplifies the connection process for your customers but also allows you to gather additional valuable information about them and enhance the user experience.
  5. Enhance your marketing campaigns:
    Include branding, promotions, and advertising in the access process to provide an excellent Wi-Fi experience for your customers. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to create automated marketing campaigns based on different customer profiles to maximize the impact of your advertising strategies.
  6. Analyze data and make strategic decisions:
    Use your customer data to make strategic sales and marketing operational decisions, such as defining pricing policies, discounts, promotions, among others. Offer personalized and individualized offers by including a unique code on each device, and enhance customer loyalty.
  7. Foster customer loyalty:
    Seize the opportunity to offer deals and discounts at the right time and place to build customer loyalty. Increase customer satisfaction by personalizing promotions based on their behavior and you’ll encourage them to return.
  8. Interact with your users:
    The survey module allows you to better understand your users and ask them about their evaluation of your services. A satisfaction survey is the bridge that connects user feedback with the continuous improvement of your establishment, providing a magnificent opportunity to elevate the quality of the experience you offer.
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