Wizzie Analytics & Infinity Neural have signed a Strategic Alliance in the field of Capacity control and Venue management.


To complement and add value. These are the key objectives of the strategic alliance that Wizzie Analytics and Infinity Neural have recently signed, through which they offer a differentiating and proven proposal in the capacity control and space management field, with all kinds of applications. From venues such as shopping malls, airports, hotels and resorts, to hospitals, museums, theaters, football stadiums and, of course, event venues, exhibition and congress palaces, etc.

We are talking about technology, innovation and experience in this kind of project, based on complementing the use of automatic detection and counting tools with taking advantage of all this data by means of utilizing big data and artificial intelligence technologies.


A safer and more innovative industry

The sector of in-person events is one of those that has suffered the most from the crisis caused by the pandemic. The vast majority of these professional meetings were just canceled, and many of them changed their ways in search of a virtual model that would allow them to continue somehow with their activity. In any case, the experience over the past year has shown the challenges that are associated with events with a strong digital component, mainly a reduced participation and a reduction in the interaction between participants.

The final stretch of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 is giving way to a new normal. According to the 2021 Forecast report on Global Events and Meetings prepared by American Express Meetings & Events, hybrid events will pave the way for the return of in-person events throughout this year 2021. In addition, the report emphasizes that this uncertainty period will give way to a much more innovative and safer industry.

But the same thing is happening in all kinds of contexts. The “new normal” will require that all the venues in which a large number of people need to gather, will have to bet decisively on innovation, alongside with technological tools that allow them to monitor and manage the attendance of the public, as well as guarantee a control of the total capacity and social distancing. Or simply having access to rigorous data on attendance rates, attendee demographics, and even customer experiences by analyzing their mood. All this needs to be applied to multiple areas, ranging from museums, theaters or sports venues, to hotels, spaces for events of any size, shopping centers or even airports.


A strategic agreement

The recent agreement that both companies have signed has an immediate application in the field of space management at trade shows, congresses and events of any kind. This alliance represents the union of two fundamental aspects in this type of solution. On one hand, we have Infinity Neural’s experience in the detection, classification and automatic counting, which adds to the know-how and specialized tools that Wizzie Analytics provides in the field of big data and real-time data analytics.

Both companies have already worked on joint projects in this area (space management at trade shows and congresses). The signing of this agreement allows them to go much further and develop projects that will be focused on any environment in which it is necessary to carry out an attendance and visitor flow analysis, both indoors and outdoors, including information on the areas with the greatest concentration of people, studying how the distribution of the public varies throughout the event, in order to guarantee the necessary social distancing. It is possible to even access additional data such as the age, gender or mood of the visitors.


Technology and innovation

The value proposition behind this strategic alliance offers a complete and proven solution for all kinds of companies. On one side, there is the power of the Infinity Neural Engine, a revolutionary people detection and counting system based on an artificial intelligence engine that allows it to detect 3,072 people per second, with an accuracy of about 98- 99.9%, both in indoors and outdoors scenarios. In addition, you get real time information of the variations that may occur and also allows to establish alerts if an excess of venue capacity, speed of passage, or similar happens.

For its part, the Wizzie Analytics Data Platform provides the necessary capacity to process all this data in real time. Taking into account the huge volume of data to be processed, the Big Data architecture is essential, in order to be able to extract value from all the information. All of this is on top of different artificial intelligence modules so that the system can learn, discover new behavioural patterns, detect unusual movements of visitor flows, etc.

In summary, this alliance will allow the customers of both companies to access a proven and first-rate solution in the field of capacity management and people flow in venues for trade shows, congresses or any other event.

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