According to the World Health Organization (WHO), poor air quality represents a significant environmental health risk.

The importance of air quality as a safety factor, and the concern to minimize the risks of contagion by COVID-19 in open and closed spaces have made the control of environmental health a necessity for the public administration, companies and businesses.

Discomon’s agreement with Wizzie Analytics allows it to expand its solutions to projects that help protect the health of citizens, customers and workers in all types of open and closed spaces: hotels, bars, shops, offices, restaurants… through of the integration of all its technologies in a single platform (Wizzie Data Platform), to guarantee real time analysis, control and cleaning of CO2 and PM* levels.

Wizzie Analytics, an expert in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions, provides its ability to receive and process environmental data in real time, to convert it into information and to control the air quality. From the variables and the control screens it is possible to identify the situations defined by the variables in the dashboard and select the most appropriate environmental control strategy.

Through the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP)  solution, Wizzie Analytics will unify the storage, processing and real-time visualization of all data and formats, collected from any source, in a single platform, to make sense of the millions of data points and to make the right decisions at the right time.

The services of Wizzie Analytics and Discomon may be applied to specific situations such as the control of the pollution levels caused by vehicles in large routes, the management of large spaces with a high number of visitors to guarantee compliance with the legislation (for example, shopping centers, department stores, trade shows and events). Automated alerts will trigger when occupancy levels are too high, prompting staff to take action to maintain a safe environment for workers and visitors. It will be possible to obtain reliable and easy-to-interpret data that will allow the development of rapid action plans, with real impact.

The advantage for the end user is to be able to enjoy safe spaces, be it inside or outside.

Control and analysis can directly impact on the efficiency and optimization of these spaces so that people can enjoy a better climatic and acoustic comfort. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to get up-to-date information in an easy way so that everybody can check the air quality wherever they are, and take preventive measures to reduce exposure to pollution, if necessary.

The alliance between Discomon and Wizzie Analytics is, therefore, a solution that facilitates decision-making in the air quality field, in order to guarantee optimal control of spaces and environments. In the same way, the tools  offered allow to be able to act correctly according to the current needs at all times.

About Discomon

Discomon is an environmental and technological company that offers IoT solutions to promote the improvement of air quality by working on the creation of Low Emission Zones (LEZ) as well as on guaranteed indoor air quality. It focuses on the development of ad hoc projects to offer complete air quality monitoring solutions. It also works on personalized sustainable mobility projects, adapted to both public and private systems and provides ad hoc Smartcity solutions based on the needs of its customers.

About Wizzie Analytics

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company, specialized in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions. It works on the development of technology for the real time storage, processing and visualization of all types of data and formats collected from any source. Adapting the information processing through its different components, our customers can apply their own business logic and improve decision-making from a single platform.


*PM are a common proxy indicator of air pollution. They affect more people than any other pollutant. The main components of PM are sulfates, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, soot, mineral powders and water.


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