Einzelnet, a leading company in the integration and provision of technological services, and Wizzie Analytics have signed an agreement to distribute Wizzie’s real-time data analysis platform within its portfolio of products and services.
Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) is a solution based on Big Data architecture and Machine Learning, which provides companies with essential data to understand how customers behave, improve their experience, save costs by increasing operational efficiency and boost revenues by optimizing existing pathways or identifying new sources.

Einzelnet has extensive experience in high-density Wi-Fi projects in sectors such as hospitality, health, retail and Industry 4.0 with critical environments that require very high availability in the connection of IoT devices to the network.

Its team of engineers and solutions architects designs and implements wireless communications networks in those companies that require efficient connectivity, guaranteeing maximum connection speed and maximum security.

In business environments, one of the most valuable assets is data. Companies generate huge volumes of information (Big Data) that can be exploited to be a source of intelligence.

Big Data analysis as a generator of intelligence increases business productivity and impacts results. But the key is not in the amount of data that companies handle, but in the fact that they can obtain a competitive advantage, and profitability, with the use and analysis of it.

Wizzie Analytics provides an easy-to-use solution capable of processing terabytes of data from all sources, in all available formats in real time, to turn complex data into simple data. A technology that can take advantage of available systems to reduce installation times and save costs.

Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) is an essential tool in sectors that handle large volumes of data such as: event spaces, shopping malls, retail, hospitality, transportation, smart waste management, environmental management to reduce pollution levels. CO2, among others.

This alliance provides solutions for the digitization and automation of businesses, combining techniques such as data analytics and artificial intelligence, to automate processes, increase interconnectivity and improve results.

The Internet of Things (IoT), the use of digital twins or the use of cloud services are marking the present of business growth.

About Einzelnet

EinzelNet is a company with 100% Spanish capital, born in 2003, which has a human team that exceeds 180 workers, with a turnover of around 25 million euros and a multitude of references in all productive sectors.

The company bases its business on consulting, development, integration and exploitation of various differentiated technological areas, such as the Development of IT/OT Solutions, Modern Workspace & Mobility, DataCenter and Network Infrastructures, Cloud Computing, Data Processing & Analytics and Cybersecurity.

EinzelNet is a versatile company, which adapts to the client, whether in Consulting projects, Turnkey, Managed Services, As A Service Solutions, Outsourcing and EinzelNet Hybrid Cloud Services, with Own and Extended Cloud, being able to deliver, in paid format by use and with absolute flexibility, 100% of the solutions in its portfolio.

More information at: https://einzelnet.com/

About Wizzie Analytics

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company specialized in Big Data solutions and data analysis. They are dedicated to the development of technologies for the real time storage, processing and visualization of all types and formats of data, collected from any source. Adapting the information processing through its different components, so that their customers can apply their own business logic, improving their decision-making.

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