On January 24, FITUR kicked off at IFEMA Madrid, and Wizzie played a crucial role in this journey towards Smart Tourism, with numerous visits to our stands from major partners like Google.

According to Wizzie‘s CEO, Fernando Saiz:

Smart tourist destinations have emerged as an innovative response to the growing demand for connected and sustainable travel experiences. They are a necessity that must be met with solutions like Wizzie. Our commitment to PID and DTI’s is clear.

Wizzie positions itself as a technological enabler that aids decision-making, based on data analytics from various sources, providing real-time quality to the customer.

These destinations leverage technology to enhance every aspect of the visitor experience, from trip planning to on-site exploration.

Wizzie becomes an enabler of Smart Tourism at the largest Tourism Fair, concluding this 2024 edition on January 28.


Wizzie‘s primary area of operation is innovation, consolidating the tourist destination on cutting-edge technological infrastructure, ensuring sustainable development of the tourist territory, accessible to all, making the quality of the visitor experience in the tourist destination exceptional.

Data Collection and Analysis

Wizzie collects and analyzes data from spaces, networks, sensors, and infrastructure, allowing great scalability adaptable to projects of any size in real-time, turning information into knowledge through dashboards, KPIs, dynamic plans, maps, alerts, and reports.

Personalized Experiences

Data collection and predictive analysis allow smart tourist destinations to offer personalized experiences. From restaurant recommendations to tourist routes tailored to individual preferences, technology contributes to creating unique and memorable itineraries for each visitor.

Real-Time Information

The availability of real-time information like that provided by Wizzie is key to a smooth tourist experience.

Smart Destinations use sensors and data analysis to provide updates on weather, local events, traffic congestion, and service availability. This information helps travelers make informed decisions and quickly adapt to any changes in their itinerary.


The foundation of a smart tourist destination is connectivity. Cities like Barcelona have implemented systems offering high-speed internet access in public places, facilitating tourists in searching for information, navigation, and sharing experiences in real-time.

Connectivity improves efficiency and convenience for visitors, allowing them to explore the destination more easily and comfortably.

Galgus. Wi-Fi and AI

Our guest and partner Galgus, a Wi-Fi software and services company that, thanks to AI, turns Wi-Fi networks into intelligent networks, is a strategic ally for Wizzie, ensuring that Wi-Fi networks go beyond just a good connection.

According to Galgus CEO, José Ayub González Garrido:

The surge in tourism in recent years has become a real challenge for municipalities and institutions. Therefore, solutions that contribute to crowd control and prediction of high-traffic routes, as well as behavior prediction, are key success factors to achieve a balance between citizen well-being and tourists’ good experience.

Galgus, alongside Wizzie, helps organizations make better decisions based on highly reliable data obtained through Wi-Fi networks in real-time, regarding location and presence, while ensuring users enjoy the best connectivity experience. Additionally, our AI allows predictions about future behaviors, giving entities the possibility to make the necessary arrangements to guarantee the safety and well-being of tourists and citizens.

Sustainability and Efficient Management

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of Smart Tourist Destinations.

These places implement eco-friendly practices, such as efficient waste management, promotion of public transport, and adoption of renewable energies. Furthermore, technology from platforms like Wizzie is used to monitor and manage resources efficiently, reducing environmental impact and improving the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

Smart Tourist Destinations represent an exciting evolution in how travelers experience and interact with new places. As technology continues to play a crucial role in the tourism industry, these destinations offer a glimpse into the future of connected and sustainable travel experiences.

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