July 6, 2021. Ikusi, a leading technology company in digital transformation projects, and Wizzie Analytics, an expert in Big Data solutions and data analysis, have signed an alliance to promote data analysis in different types of spaces and transform them into smart environments.

This analysis will allow having information as relevant as the monitoring of quality indicators related to mobility management, movement flows, counting and control of space capacities, areas of high density occupancy and social distancing, tracking of suppliers, fleets and geopositioning of the staff to meet specific needs at all times.

The pandemic has had a great impact on the mobility of people and this, in turn, has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses, which have seen the need to adapt to new consumer patterns. Hence, Big Data architecture has become more essential than ever to obtain value from the available information.

Wizzie Analytics provides the necessary capacity to process the enormous volume of data in real time, thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions that provide the client with the answers they need. The alliance will promote this technology on the market with the help of Ikusi, which has extensive experience in the deployment and integration of technological solutions for the digital transformation of its clients’ business processes.

This way, the agreement will allow the development of data analysis projects and will facilitate the implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) services, in publicly accessable spaces such as tradeshows, company offices or retail stores, among others.

In all of these sectors, the combined services of Ikusi and Wizzie Analytics will be transformed into specific applications such as: detection of areas of high density occupancy, prediction of the social distance that may exist at a certain time or area, detection of behavioural patterns, with the possibility to broadcast alerts in order to anticipate before any incident may occur. The benefits for the client are improved decision-making, reduced operating costs, as well as greater efficiency and effectiveness.

These tools also have advantages for the user of these spaces, such as greater security, the reduction of waiting times and services adapted to their specific needs.

Therefore, the alliance between Ikusi and Wizzie Analytics offers the sum of their solutions, experience and capacity for innovation, putting them at the service of the digital transformation of this type of businesses.


About Ikusi

Ikusi, a Velatia company, is a technology company, specialized in the field of digital transformation and cybersecurity. Ikusi offers integration, engineering and technological development services to achieve the digital transformation of businesses. They work together with their customers in order to understand the peculiarities of their businesses, so to be able to evolve them using the full potential of Ikusi’s technology and services. The Company has a presence in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile and Peru and over 800 highly qualified employees. More information at https://www.ikusi.com/es/.



About Wizzie Analytics

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company specialized in Big Data solutions and data analysis. They are dedicated to the development of technologies for the real time storage, processing and visualization of all types and formats of data, collected from any source. Adapting the information processing through its different components, so that their customers can apply their own business logic, improving their decision-making.

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