The European Parliament has approved on March 13, 2024, the first Regulation on AI, a fact considered historic by the Italian legislator Brando Benifei (S&D).

“The new rules aim to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is reliable, safe, and respects fundamental rights, while encouraging innovation.”

The goal of this Regulation is to guarantee the safety and respect of the fundamental rights of European citizens.

The regulation aimed at regulating AI has been approved with 523 votes in favor, 46 against, and 49 abstentions and will likely come into effect next May.

Specific requirements are imposed on generative AI systems, such as the obligation to disclose that the content has been generated by AI and to design the system to prevent illegal content.

Machine learning systems will be divided into four main categories based on the potential risk they pose to society. The higher the risk, the stricter the measures.

General rules on AI will apply one year after their entry into force, in May 2025, and obligations for high-risk systems in three years.

Member States must create national oversight agencies. Countries will have 12 months to appoint these monitoring bodies.

This regulation is a significant step towards a secure and responsible approach to the development and use of artificial intelligence in Europe.

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