At Wizzie, we are delighted to announce a new collaboration agreement with CIAL Ingenieros, with our Wizzie platform as the key, designed to provide observability of networks and smart spaces in the Canary Islands.

CIAL Ingenieros is a company specialized in the development and implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions in the field of Smart Cities and Digital Transformation, as well as in the comprehensive management of civil and industrial engineering projects, and the supply of solutions for water treatment and renewable energies.

With this collaboration agreement, Wizzie expands its business in the Canary Islands with a 100% Spanish company with over 20 years of experience in specialized engineering consultancy and comprehensive project management, consolidating the image of both highly innovative and committed companies.


Among the benefits, the Wizzie platform could monitor and optimize the use of resources such as water and energy in real-time, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs for companies and their clients. Additionally, the combination of technologies allows the development of integrated solutions that more comprehensively address the needs of clients in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

The agreement is valid for 2 years.

About Wizzie

Wizzie is a real-time Data Analytics platform designed to provide observability of networks and smart spaces.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud is integrated with leading manufacturers of network infrastructure and IoT.

Wizzie collects and analyzes data from spaces, networks, sensors, and infrastructure and enables great scalability that adapts to projects of any size in real-time, turning information into knowledge through dashboards, KPIs, dynamic plans, maps, alerts, and reports.

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About CIAL Ingenieros

CIAL Ingenieros plays a crucial role in building smarter, more sustainable, and resilient cities, where technology and engineering combine to improve the quality of life for citizens and protect the environment.

Some key aspects of their activity are:

1. Development and Implementation of ICT Solutions in Smart Cities:
CIAL Ingenieros focuses on applying ICT to improve efficiency and quality of life in smart cities. This includes areas such as traffic management, security, public lighting, and connectivity.
Their expertise ranges from implementing sensors and networks to creating digital platforms that optimize urban operations.

2. Digital Transformation:
The company contributes to the digital transformation of cities, enabling the adoption of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and data analysis.
These advancements help improve energy efficiency, mobility, security, and citizens’ quality of life.

3. Comprehensive Project Management of Engineering Projects:
CIAL Ingenieros is involved in civil and industrial infrastructure projects. This may include everything from planning and design to execution and maintenance of works such as buildings, roads, bridges, and energy systems.
Their focus is on ensuring the technical and economic viability of each project.

4. Solutions for Water Treatment and Renewable Energies:

The company is dedicated to developing technologies and systems for sustainable water treatment, including purification, desalination, and reuse.
Additionally, it promotes the use of renewable energies such as solar and wind to reduce environmental footprint.

For more information about CIAL Ingenieros, visit:

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