The Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) is a comprehensive, fast, and highly scalable solution for real-time data processing, storage, and visualization.

Madrid, Spain: June 24, 2021 – Wizzie Analytics, a Spanish company specialized in Big Data solutions, and NTT Ltd., a leading global provider of technology services, signed today a strategic agreement to offer companies the intelligent real-time data analytics platform Wizzie Data Platform (WDP).

Wizzie Analytics, under this agreement, reaffirms its commitment to establishing alliances with ICT partners that provide added value, and NTT Ltd., a multinational Company, strengthens its portfolio of IT solutions and services with the incorporation of the platform developed by Wizzie Analytics.

This innovative smart analytics system was officially presented at the International Tourism Tradeshow FITUR 2021, and incorporated for the first time into the IFEMA security protocols to monitor information as relevant as indicators related to mobility management, movement flows, capacity counting and control, high density occupation areas, social distancing, tracking of suppliers and fleets and the geopositioning of personnel in real time, within each of the pavilions of the Trade Show. So the system could continuosly meet the specific needs arising, guaranteeing visitor safety and helping to create the concept of a Smart Venue.

Wizzie Analytics has developed an ecosystem whose main component is a Horizontal Platform called WDP (Wizzie Data Platform).

WDP is based on Microservices and Big Data Technology, and is specialized in Operational Intelligence Streaming processing.

It allows to adapt the processing of data through its different components in a flexible way, so that customers can apply their own business logic as needed. WDP is capable of collecting an unlimited amount of information from different sources and in different formats.

It leverages several Machine Learning components for anomaly detection and prediction in time series.

Its different verticals within the Big Data ecosystem are a powerful business feature for the sectors it is most useful in: Large spaces, Retail, energy, vehicle fleets, Smart waste management or CO2 reduction, among others.

This alliance positions Wizzie Analytics as a player that offers specialized high-value solutions to its customers in a field as demanded and critical as Big Data and Data Analysis. It is an innovative solution that provides important benefits such as improved decision-making, reduced operating costs and a greater operational efficiency.

The new stakeholders and the impact of the new technologies that appear every day, créate new scenarios, opportunities and business models between companies with an important innovative component that enhances and multiplies results.

For its part, NTT Ltd. incorporates a proven, state-of-the-art solution in the large data set analysis field, which may come from any source, and its subsequent treatment and real time visualization. Hence taking a further step in its goal to enable a connected future by using technology to create a positive impact on both customers and communities.


About Wizzie Analytics:

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company specialized in Big Data solutions based on its data acquisition platform WDP (Wizzie Data Platform). They work on the development of technologies for the storage, real time processing and visualization of all types and formats of data collected from any source. They adapt the information processing by means of its different components and a simple interface, so that their customers can extract the knowledge they need as well as apply their own business logic, improving their own decision-making.


About NTT:

NTT Ltd. is a world leading technology services company. We collaborate with global organizations to determine and achieve results through smart technology solutions. For us, smart means data-driven, connected, digital, and secure. Our global assets and capabilities built into the information and communication technology (ICT) stack provide unique networking offerings for the cloud, hybrid clouds, data centers, digital transformation, customer experience, workplace, and cybersecurity. As a global ICT provider, we have more than 40,000 employees in a diverse and dynamic work environment, with a presence in 57 countries, operations in 73 countries, and services in more than 200 countries and regions. Together we make a connected future possible.

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