Partner Central

Information, downloads and documents for our partners.

Branding and Graphic Material

Wizzie "W"

Wizzie main “W*” Glyph.

Logo for slides

Wizzie logo for presentations.

Wizzie Main Logo

The Wizzie main logo, for any use.

Logo with claim

Wizzie logo with our slogan.

Wizzie Glyph Pack

Wizzie “W*” Glyphs.

Wizzie Claim Pack

Wizzie logos, with claim.

Powered by Wizzie

“Powered by Wizzie” logo.

Gold Partner

Gold Partner Logo.

Guides & Brochures

Wizzie Corporate Branding Guide

In spanish, describing the Wizzie fonts, logo use, corporate colors and usage guidelines.

Smart Cities Brochure v3

In english, descriptive brochure about our Wizzie Smart Cities vertical and services.

Whitepaper: WDP y Cisco CMX

In spanish, describing the the benefitis of using the Wizzie Data Platform on top of Cisco CMX.

Dashboard Screenshots

IoV (Fleets) Vertical

Screenshots from our Internet of Vehicles (or Fleets) vertical dashboards.

Retails Vertical

Some screenshot examples from our Retails vertical dashboards.


Information on GitHub about the most relevant parts of our Wizzie Data Platform, like the Normalizer, Enricher, Prozzie and ZZ-CEP.



Normalizer Functions




If you want to have a look at how our platform works, nothing better than actually checking out our demo sites, which will give you a pretty good impression of what is possible with Wizzie.

Fleet demo

Restaurant demo

Rogers Cup demo

Syslog demo

Solaris demo

IDS demo

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