R&D projects

Wizzie’s R&D projects are innovative and have people with an inquiring mind, these are central elements of our R&D area. As a startup, more than 80% of our employees are engineers, working to build a great future for the world.


An essential part of our investigation efforts, in collaboration with research groups from top tech universities and companies, is focused on technologies and solutions for enhancing Data-Driving Decisions.

Wizzie actively investigates in the field of applied mathematics. As we manage overwhelming data volumes, we seek ways to accelerate user interactivity with approximate algorithms or to pinpoint relevant events through anomaly detection.


research projects


development projects

Our engineers work extensively with well-known development groups, contributing to the community our improvements and enhancements as well as bug solving patches. Apache Kafka and Druid are examples where we actively participate in their respective communities.

As we have significant experience working with legacy networking protocols, we are working on contributing our Kafka Connect based bridges to help foster this great project.


One of the main goals of the R&D projects where we participate in, is to further innovation, adding new success stories and increasing the value the Wizzie Ecosystem offers.

Due to our previous expertise on managerial and technical aspects within ITEA3 and Horizon 2020 projects, Wizzie is able to be a strategic partner, capable of adding value to the most innovative and demanding scenarios.

Several companies, universities and research groups around the world have partnered with Wizzie as a foundation for their work in R&D.

Thanks to the use of our technology they can focus on their specific capabilities, shortening their time to market, creating cutting-edge value and extending the scope of the Wizzie Ecosystem in areas like IoT, SmartCities, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Venues or Fleet Management.

R&D projects

Real World Applications

Integrating platforms

As part of several European projects, Wizzie has contributed with developments like a ZeroC Ice to Kafka adapter created within the ITEA3 CitiSim project. The use of the CitiSim library adds the capability to retrieve data from multitude of sensors using the ZeroC Ice middleware to WDP.

Educational programs

Universities, Research groups and Wizzie share a key component: Continuous Innovation. Due to the frequent collaborations and the foundational role of WDP within their work, several groups are demanding to include WDP as part of their educational programs and engaging new students and researchers to join the WDP Ecosystem.


Our R&D Partners