Siag is a consulting and advanced services company associated with IT. The solutions it offers range from software engineering, cloud computing, to technical support and maintenance teams. Siag works in various sectors, although its activity is mainly focused on the insurance, banking and telco sectors.

With more than 20 years of activity, Siag is partner of 6 of the companies that are part of the Ibex 35 and of one of the largest global software companies such as Microsoft.

Wizzie Analytics is an expert in Big Data and artificial intelligence solutions. Wizzie can collect large amounts of real-time data from companies, analyse it and convert it into valuable information so that the client can make the right decisions.

This alliance between Wizzie Analytics and Siag can bring added value to companies in the banking, insurance and financial services sectors. These sectors are investing more and more in applying big data and machine learning solutions, as companies are increasingly aware of the importance of taking advantage of all the resources and data available to them, as well as being able to offer products tailored to their customers.

In a highly competitive context with the emergence of new business models, with a stricter customer profile and greater regulatory solvency requirements; Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT become essential allies for companies.

The versatility of WDP is a point to be taken into account in any company. This powerful tool adapts to any environment, handles large volumes of data and analyses them, providing the results in simple dashboards that are easy for the user to understand.

About Siag

Siag is a company belonging to the information technology sector, being a reference in some of the main companies of the Ibex 35 and offering computer software solutions to different sectors, being the most outstanding, the Telco, Banking and insurance sectors. Siag is a technology company that is strongly committed to individual talent, putting together a large, plural team with a great vision of the future.

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