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Wizzie & Smart Tourism

Smart tourism is innovative, closely linked to the development of Smart Destinations, and goes hand in hand with advancements in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, or 5G.

Smart Tourism Objective

To contribute to improving the competitiveness of tourist destinations and the quality of life of their residents.

What does Smart Tourism require? Connected devices and digital solutions to offer more personalized, secure, and sustainable tourist experiences.

Destino Turístico Inteligente (DTI)

Wizzie, enabler of Smart Tourism strategies

Wizzie is the ideal enabler of strategies in the different areas of action of Smart Destinations.

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Accessibility
  • Governance
  • Sustainability

Wizzie’s primary area of operation is INNOVATION, consolidating the tourist destination on cutting-edge technological infrastructure, guaranteeing the sustainable development of the tourist territory, accessible to all, ensuring that the quality of the visitor experience in the tourist destination is exceptional.

Data Management

Data management is crucial as it allows for appropriate and informed decision-making.

Data becomes valuable assets that drive informed decision-making and improve tourist management, its resources and processes, and the traveler’s experience.

The key to seizing this opportunity lies in the “data economy.”

Destino Turístico Inteligente (DTI)

Data sources in the management of smart tourist destinations

Data generation and capture occur throughout the process, from the moment a tourist begins to plan their trip until they return home.

  • Destination and flight searches and hotel reservations on websites.
  • Apps to search for points of interest, restaurants, or plan routes and itineraries.
  • Queries and accesses to tourist information points, online and offline.
  • Publications and comments on social networks.
  • Aggregated and anonymized data from mobile phone networks.

Data from Wi-Fi networks

These collected data allow us to know variables such as tourist flows, duration of their stay, and time spent in different places and points. They also reveal the profile of their preferences and behaviors, allowing for personalized experiences tailored to their needs and demands.

Main data sources in Smart Tourism management

The main data sources include information from IoT sensors, social media data, booking and transaction records, tourist surveys, weather data, and local demographic statistics.

These data help optimize planning and offer more personalized experiences to visitors.

Smart Tourism Indicators

These are specific metrics designed to assess the progress and performance of a destination in its transformation towards a smarter and more sustainable approach.

The implementation of these indicators helps tourist destinations measure and understand their evolution towards intelligence and sustainability, allowing for continuous adjustments and improvements in their management.

Indicators are closely related to data since they are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the performance of a process, project, or organization.

Tourist behavior indicators

Tourist behavior indicators usually include visitor arrivals, length of stay, per capita spending, hotel occupancy, and utilization of tourist services. These data offer a comprehensive view of tourist activity in a region.

Up-to-date data every minute on visitors in each area, customer profiling based on behavior:

  1. Occupation
  2. Real-time capacity
  3. Engagement
  4. Loyalty

Tourist destination image indicators

Indicators associated with the destination image show the perception of visitors and other general indicators.

These indicators are related to the other dimensions we want to measure:

  • Social Networks
  • General Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Social Environment
  • Natural Environment
  • Tourist Infrastructure
  • Economic Factors
Smart Tourist Destinations

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