Business intelligence

Wizzie for Business Intelligence is a crucial enabler for any data analytics project you might have in mind. Wizzie Data Platform gathers data in multiple protocols and formats and enables you to view it and process in real-time, no matter the volume or speed. Wizzie puts information at the fingertips of our customers’ applications, enabling them to extract meaningful KPIs for their analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Executive Summary

Wizzie for Business Intelligence is designed to cover the needs of data managers desiring to extract valuable information from any data stream, no matter its volume. As it supports a big number of protocols involved in many communication types, it enables you to cross reference any type of information and enrich your decisions in real-time.

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Technical background

Wizzie’s blazingly fast query system is based on an analytical columnar database engine precisely designed for the needs of interactive data exploration, not requiring any kind of pre aggregation and doing time slicing summaries on its own. No matter the size of the project, we can scale Wizzie to your needs and provide valuable information ready at your fingerprints.


Real time

All the data goes through the WDP real-time scale-out data pipeline.


WDP has the ability to process & view any type of information, at any scale.


WDP is designed for interactive slice & dice data visualization.


WDP is able to interact with myriads of protocols enabling you to enrich any data.

Real World Examples

Demographic control

Even if your business is a local one, to gain insight to the demographics of your customers or clients is an important knowledge to have. Find out how your products are performing overall, in different age groups, income brackets, and so on. Find out which business branches need help or are doing well.

Business optimization through KPIs

See the most valuable KPIs of your business in realtime, as it performs during the day. Make decisions based on current data or historical series and gain insight of how your business is changing and evolving over time to steer it into the right direction.