Wizzie for Business Intelligence is a crucial enabler for next-generation IoT data gathering. Wizzie Data Platform collects events from all standard M2M protocols, detects relevant events applying machine learning and correlation rules, and stores them in an analytically oriented database for visualization. Wizzie puts information at the fingertips of our customers´ applications, enabling them to extract meaningful KPIs for their analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Executive Summary

Wizzie for IoT is designed to cover the needs of IoT device manufacturers seeking to improve their value proposition to their clients but lack the experience and knowledge to manage the daunting volumes of information generated.

It also intends to give end-user clients the capability to run free from the restrictions certain manufacturers apply to their services and completely fulfill their project needs.

Executive Summary  IoT
Technical IoT

Technical background

Current IoT sensor networks report millions of events every second using multiple formats and protocols. With the popularisation of Narrow Band-IoT cellular services, the number of sources and their geographical distribution will dramatically increase beyond the capabilities of most users.

WDP bootstraps IoT projects providing the foundations for a technology agnostic data processing pipeline at any scale.


MQTT interface

Wizzie interfaces with MQTT providers like Amazon and Google Cloud.

Private clouds

Wizzie also is able to interface with private clouds to gather their information.


Support for any M2M protocol like CoAP or REST using its self-scaling container based collectors.


WDP has the ability to process & view any type of information, at any scale.

Real World Examples

Indoor people movement control

Know exactly where everyone is going on your grounds or venue. Have a perfect idea of which points are more interesting and popular and which are the preferred ways to get there.  See the evolution over time.


See where are the preferred places on your venue or business and adapt the location of all points of interest, restaurants, food stands, special offers, etc. to get the maximum attention and or revenue. Ease traffic between places offering alternate routes.