Wizzie for IoV. The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is the next big step in next-generation fleet management. The Wizzie Data Platform collects events from all standard M2M protocols, detects relevant events applying machine learning and correlation rules, and visualizes them in real-time in groundbreaking maps. Wizzie puts information at the fingertips of our customers’ applications, enabling them to extract meaningful KPIs for their analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Executive Summary

Wizzie for IoV is designed to cover the needs of fleet management companies willing to improve the usage of resources in an ever constrained budget or create added value services using technology as a facilitator.

These managers face increasing technical challenges due to the complexity of new services created as well as difficulties to detect relevant incidents at scale.

Executive Summary IoV
Technical IoV

Technical background

Current on vehicle sensors report thousands of events every second using multiple formats and protocols. With the popularisation of Narrow Band-IoT cellular services, the number of sources and their geographical distribution will dramatically increase beyond the capabilities of most companies.

WDP bootstraps fleet management projects providing the foundations for a technology agnostic data processing pipeline at any scale.


MQTT interface

Wizzie interfaces with MQTT providers like Amazon and Google Cloud.

Private clouds

Wizzie also is able to interface with private clouds to gather their information.


Support for any M2M protocol like CoAP or REST using its self-scaling container based collectors.


WDP has the ability to process & view any type of information, at any scale.

Real World Examples

Route tracking

With Wizzie you can always see where the different vehicles of your fleet are and how they are performing timetable-wise. Detect any anomaly instantly and take action

Heat Mapping

Find out where your vehicles are most of the time and implement new route optimizations or look for alternatives to ease the traffic density at specific zones. Discover with areas aren’t covered by your service.