IT operations

Wizzie for IT Operations is a crucial enabler for next-generation IT management. The Wizzie Data Platform collects operational information from all legacy protocols and trendy newcomers in your full application stack, detects relevant events applying machine learning and correlation rules, and visualizes data in real-time. Wizzie puts information at the fingertips of our customers’ applications, enabling them to extract meaningful KPIs for their analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Executive Summary

Wizzie for IT Operations is designed to cover the needs of IT Administrators requiring to fully monitor their server environment at scale, detecting incidents in real-time and predicting failure conditions.

In this microservices and cloud-enabled era, it also covers the needs of DevOps staff, seeking a way to monitor their ever-changing environment.

Executive Summary IT Operations
Technical IT Operations

Technical background

Currently, most monitoring applications support SNMP only as the means to gather operational data. While most IT equipment will support SNMP, it is clear these days that the information it provides is limited.

WDP enables the capability to monitor the full application stack combining common legacy protocols with new generation alternatives.


Legacy Support

Wizzie supports general legacy protocols like SNMP, Syslog or SNMP.

All Protocols

Wizzie also supports alternatives like MQTT, Kafka or Rest in the application stack.

Real Time

All the data goes through the WDP real-time scale-out data pipeline.


WDP has the ability to process & view any type of information, at any scale.

Real World Examples

Traffic control

Discover any abnormal activities in your network, fend off attacks or unsolicited requests, assign resources where there are really needed and size your network throughput and performance.

Infrastructure surveillance

Have your servers, your network and your entire technological infrastructure always under control, in realtime, to prevent any problem o bottleneck.