Wizzie for Retail is a crucial enabler for next-generation retail management. Wizzie Data Platform collects location information from all standard providers, detects relevant events applying machine learning and correlation rules, and visualizes data in real-time in groundbreaking maps. Wizzie puts information at the fingertips of our customers´ applications, enabling them to extract meaningful KPIs for their analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Executive Summary

Wizzie for Retail is designed to cover the needs of shop owners desiring to better know their visitors to optimize operational resources or their marketing budget.

It also covers the needs of real estate owners willing to improve the rentability of their assets by adequately identifying hot and cold areas as well as demographic profiles.

Technical background

Currently, shop owners and real estate managers are heavily investing in means to detect the presence and precise location of users and interact with them. Each different technology involved works siloed, and it is difficult to fully exploit their capabilities.

WDP bootstraps intelligent retail and real estate optimization projects providing the foundations for a technology agnostic data processing pipeline at any scale.


WiFi Location

Wizzie supports Wifi location services like Cisco’s MSE and CMX, or Aruba’s ALE.


Support for Bluetooth beacons, GPS devices or Philips’ Indoor Location enabled luminaries.

Real Time

All the data goes through the WDP real-time scale-out data pipeline.


WDP has the ability to process & view any type of information, at any scale.

Real World Examples

Delivery control

Figure out if your delivery system is up to par and everything arrives in a timely manner. Control the delivery routes, time-to-destination and ETA of all of your delivery vehicles.

Venue overview

Is everything ok at your business? Get a complete overview of all the sensors, temperature control, people’s preferred locations, average time spent at your business, and a lot of other data that will help your improve your business and sales tactics.

Bring your customer insights to the next level

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