Your data. Right now. Scalable on AWS.


Your data. Right now. Scalable on AWS.

WDP on Amazon Web Services

We are proud to present our Wizzie Data Platform, deployed on Amazon Web Services. We take a new step, so you can take advantage all of the power that WDP offers, without the hassle of deploying the system yourself. Get a fully deployed, ready to use WDP in minutes, knowing you can adapt to the workload at any point, using all of AWS inherited facilities and options.


The deployment of your WDP instance is automatic and AWS takes care of everything in a couple of minutes. Just lean back and enjoy the ride.


WDP uses the scalability and elasticity inherent to AWS to adapt to your workloads and optimize the infrastructure cost for you.


WDP is the great unifier, ingesting data from different sources or systems, to unify them in order to access to all the information you need, in just one place.

The best AWS integration

WDP integrates perfectly with many of the most important AWS services, like the following, for example:

Use all of the power from Amazon Webservices with your Wizzie Data Platform deployment to get the best tools, flexibility and performance.

Powerful realtime visualization

With WDP deployed on AWS you get the best of both worlds: a multi-tenant real-time data analytics platform based on Big Data technology, and the scalability, load balancing and cloud capacities from the AWS infrastructure.

Get access from to your information from any device, at any time, with all the power at your fingertips, and all the answers you need, right on your screen, in real-time.

WDP is built using microservices which run on Kubernetes and uses Kafka (queue messages system) and Druid (OLAP database) to develop its pipeline. These technologies give WDP its fault tolerance, scalability and elasticity.

The platform provides multiple interfaces:

  • a management interface where you can manage organizations and users and create/remove authentication tokens that allow the data collection using the prozzie (collect, authentication and sender service)
  • a visualization interface which uses the stored information to generate dashboards and widgets based on the client KPIs.

WDP on AWS benefits

  • One click deployment

  • Elasticity and scaling

  • Multi AZ

  • No need to pay upfront

  • Load balancing

  • High availability

  • Pay only for what you use

  • Built on the leading cloud infrastructure on the market

  • Integrated with the main AWS Services

Check it out!

Do you have the need to process data from multiple sources, enrich it, analyze it, all in real time? And then visualize it in the most atractive and informative way? Do you want to take WDP out for a spin and see what our platform is capable of?