Wizzie Analytics signs a new strategic alliance with Aryse Global Services for the distribution of its Data Analytics Platform.

Wizzie Analytics, Spanish manufacturer of Big Data Technology, within its strategy of alliances with ICT partners that provide added value, has signed an agreement with Aryse Global Services, for them to be distributors of Wizzie’s Real-time data analytics platform and the rest of the product ecosystem.

Wizzie Analytics has developed an ecosystem whose main component is a Horizontal Platform called WDP (Wizzie Data Platform).

WDP is based on Microservices and Big Data Technology, specialized in Operational Intelligence Streaming processing.

It allows to adapt the processing of data through its different components in a flexible way, so that customers can apply their own business logic. WDP is capable of collecting an unlimited amount of information from different sources and with different formats.

It has several Machine Learning components for the detection of anomalies and prediction in time series.

Its container-based technology makes allows deployments on-premise as well as in different cloud providers, in a really fast manner.

Its different verticals within the Big Data ecosystem are a powerful business complement for the sectors where it can be applied: Large Venues, Retail, Energy, Vehicle fleets, Intelligent Waste Management, CO2 Reduction & Environmental Management, among others.

This alliance positions Wizzie Analytcis as a player that offers specialized high-value solutions to its customers in highly demanded and critical fields such as Big Data and Data Analysis.

The new stakeholders and the impact of the new technologies that enter the market, offer new scenarios, opportunities and business models between companies with an important innovative component that enhances and multiplies the results.

About Wizzie Analytics

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish manufacturer oriented to the Big Data world and everything related to Data Analysis, which also incorporates Business Intelligence and Machine Learning in its technical solution.

For additional information, visit www.wizzie.io

About Aryse Global Services

Aryse Global Services is a company in the technology sector specialized in providing value-added services in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), offering a constant innovative line of new opportunities for solutions and services.

For additional information, visit www.aryse.eu

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