After a very hard year and a half, especially for the Tourism sector, FITUR 2021 leaves some formidable data, serving as an example for the rest of the world. The fair has closed with the participation of 5,000 companies and 55 countries, and more than 62,000 face-to-face attendees, of which 42,000 are professionals, and 20,000 are visitors.

The key to holding safe face-to-face events.

The Wizzie Analytics solution based on Big Data and artificial intelligence has been key to guaranteeing COVID security measures.

Wizzie Analytics, together with its partner NTT Ltd., a leading technology services company in the world, presented at the first face-to-face fair at IFEMA FITUR, the solution that makes way for the new reality of face-to-face events.

Big data and artificial intelligence to turn Ifema into a Smart Venue

Ifema decided to rely on Wizzie Data Platform (WDP), the Wizzie Analytics solution that has made it possible to manage the flows of movement of people within the venue, both from the professional team of the organization itself and from visitors to the event, using various modules of the platform for geopositioning, detection of hot spots of concentration of people and patterns of stay and behavior of attendees.

The platform uses artificial intelligence, which allows the system to be able to learn and detect behavior patterns, being able to issue alerts and anticipate before any incident occurs.

Marcelo Lopez, Head of Ifema Telecommunications

Carlos Jiménez Luque, Technology Director
of Information, in Ifema

A solution that improves the visitor experience


In the words of Carlos Jiménez Luque Director of Information Technology, at Ifema Wizzie Data Platform has provided Ifema with the necessary capacity and modularity as it is integrated with Cisco systems and with the capacity control systems present in the Ifema pavilions .

With the use of Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) it has been possible not only to cover our objectives in the field of security and in the health field, but also to discover a series of patterns and metrics that help us improve the experience of our visitors .

Fitur 2021: the takeoff of face-to-face fairs in Europe

Fitur 2021 has been the most important event held to date and the first major international fair to be held this year in Europe.

Thanks to the Wizzie Analytics solution for intelligent space analysis and the information it provides in real time, Ifema and Fitur had a tool that allowed them to keep compliance with social distancing measures under control, transmitting a sense of security to visitors throughout the event.

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