Telefónica is a global company, operating in 12 countries, with an average of 113,819 employees.

Telefónica is the leading telecommunications company in Spain by number of accesses. It provides communications, entertainment and IT services to individuals and companies. At Telefónica, we are constantly working on building a future-proof, reliable, resilient and secure network. A scalable, innovative network, capable of managing more and more traffic, a greater number of services and greater complexity in the value proposition offered both in the B2C and B2B spheres. A network that has demonstrated its robustness and stability by absorbing the great growth in traffic.

Telefónica strategic alliance

About Wizzi Analytics

Wizzie Analytics, a manufacturer that has its own cloud data analytics platform, which provides analysis and visibility for smart networks and spaces at any scale globally. The Wizzie platform provides observability in three areas in an integrated manner: Smart Spaces, Network and Traffic Infrastructures, making Wizzie a solution of unparalleled value, with a unique and privileged position in the market, thus allowing it to cover the needs that arise. different customers to their integrators.

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