From Wizzie, we want to express our gratitude to visitors, partners, clients, suppliers, and authorities for their support, especially to the President of Segittur, Enrique Martínez Marin, and the Counselor for Innovation of the Community of Madrid, Miguel López-Valverde Argüeso, for accompanying us and for their interest in Wizzie and the value proposition it entails.

Thanks to everyone for coming to our highly visited stands and for giving us the opportunity to showcase the value of our platform, an enabler of smart destinations.

Thank you SEGITTUR and FITUR in collaboration with ICEX Spain Export and Investments for the XII edition of Fitur Know-How & Export, for the opportunity to showcase our technological solution for destinations and companies, proud of our Wizzie solution!

Wizzie is the ideal enabler of strategies in different areas of action of Smart Destinations:

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Accessibility
  • Governance
  • Sustainability

Wizzie‘s main area of operation is INNOVATION, consolidating the tourist destination on cutting-edge technological infrastructure, ensuring sustainable development of the tourist territory, accessible to all, making the quality of the visitor experience in the tourist destination exceptional.

In the XII edition of Fitur Know-How & Export, there was also an extensive program of content related to technology, innovation, and sustainability in tourism; and training sessions in the SEGITTURLab area.

The Intelligent Destination Platform, the role of European Funds in the digital transformation of the tourism sector, and Artificial Intelligence have been the focus of the XII edition of FITUR Know-How & Export.

The Intelligent Destination Platform had a special prominence at FITUR Know-How & Export, with use cases of the PID and the importance of data in improving tourism management. This is where Wizzie becomes highly relevant.

“Smart tourist destinations have emerged as an innovative response to the growing demand for connected and sustainable travel experiences. They are a necessity that must be met with solutions like Wizzie. Our commitment to PID and DTI’s is clear.”. Fernando Saiz, CEO of Wizzie.

“The surge in tourism in recent years has become a real challenge for municipalities and institutions. Therefore, solutions that contribute to crowd control and prediction of high-traffic routes, as well as behavior prediction, are key success factors to achieve a balance between citizen well-being and tourists’ good experience.” Galgus CEO, José Ayub González Garrido, Wizzie’s partner.

Artificial Intelligence was also present not only with presentations but also with the first contest of solutions for tourism developed with Artificial Intelligence, for which a total of 14 applications from destinations and companies in the sector were received.

All this without forgetting the importance of sustainability, focusing on the sector’s transition to the circular economy and the creation of agri-tourism experiences, as well as the knowledge of good practices in SDGs of the sector resulting from the working group of the United Nations Global Compact.

The data from the fair this 2024 in its three days exclusively dedicated to professionals have far exceeded the forecast of 150,000 attendees, with a total of 153,000 visitors. These figures represent a 12% increase compared to 2022.

This is undoubtedly the best Tourism Fair in the world.

Discover the magic of smart destinations with Wizzie, where each experience, thanks to data and the light it sheds on informed decisions, will achieve a striking connection between innovation and tailor-made adventure.

Smart tourism marks the present and will even more so in the future with experiences like Andalucía Crash that will shatter you, and you will never be the same again.

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