One thing is certain – data analytics has come to stay. And it will be at the center of many new technologies and enterprise solutions in the near future. In fact, data analytics is currently on most strategic plans, not only of the Fortune 500 sized companies, but also SMB’s. Why? Because the power of data can unleash new ways of thinking, of developing a business, of analyzing trends in a useful way for you. But how do you do analytics in a user friendly way?

We, at wizzie, have been thinking the same.
And we’ve found the answer…

The wizzie team

Wizzie Data Platform

With an expected growth rate between 16% and 18% over the next five years, Data Analytics is one of the hot topics of the moment. And, in order to analyze your data, you need the right tools. Tools that don’t require you to be a Data Scientist, but offer you the insights you need. Welcome to the Wizzie Data Platform.

Wizzie will revolutionize the way data is converted into value, creating the best free software system for real-time analysis. The Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) provides an end-to-end solution prepared to receive, process in real time, store and visualize any kind data, from any source.

Not only that, but Wizzie applies machine learning in combination with hyper-scale correlation rules to locate significant events.

We started this company because we believe that Data Analytics don’t has to be overly  complicated and that every business should be able to leverage the information sleeping in the data that they have accumulated over the years, or are receiving in real time from their sensors and data sources.

In this blog we are going to write about Data Analytics, Big Data and, of course, about our Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) and the different way you can use it to analyze your data.

Welcome to Wizzie.

Stay tuned.

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