the team

Who we are…


Our average age is 34. We not only look to the future with hope, but we look INTO the future to find out what things are going to be, so we can make them better for all of us.



Even being a relatively young staff, every one of us has been in contact with its work line for over 10 years at least. We know technology well, know where it has been, and where it is going. And we speed things up along the way.

We are fantastic!

The Wizzie staff looks forward to meeting you and hear your take on today’s technology.


Over 80% of our staff are engineers and has a technical background. We love technology and what it is becoming as an enabler to change our world on so many levels.


All of us are real technology fans (maybe more than that) and love discovering new things every single day, putting existing technologies to new uses or building our own solutions to solve our customer’s problems.


We are a wizz!