With the lyrics of the Mondragón orchestra’s song serving as inspiration: Travel with us if you want to enjoy, travel with us to a thousand and one places and enjoy everything as you go, and enjoy… there is no better way to summarize what Wizzie, an intelligent network observability platform, can achieve in smart tourist destinations, with the consequent added value for tourists’ experience.

Tourism has become the main economic driver for numerous municipalities, and the imperative need to adopt a sustainable and community-focused approach has gained great importance.

Smart Tourist Destinations (STDs) have emerged as an innovative and promising response to harmonize economic growth with cultural and environmental preservation. At the heart of this evolution lies the Wizzie intelligent network observability platform, whose potential to optimize the management of tourist destinations, enhance visitor experience, and promote sustainable development in municipalities is undeniable.

The Wizzie intelligent network observability platform emerges as an essential tool for STDs by providing detailed insights into visitor behavior and preferences. This information facilitates informed decision-making and allows for the customization of the tourist experience to meet the individual needs of each visitor.

One of the main advantages of this platform is its ability to gather accurate metrics on visitor flow, movement patterns, and interaction with various points of interest within the tourist destination.

These metrics help better understand tourist behavior and identify areas of opportunity to improve infrastructure, optimize services, and design more effective promotion strategies.

Furthermore, the implementation of the intelligent network observability platform significantly contributes to the safety and management of the tourist destination. By monitoring the flow of people in real-time, local authorities can anticipate and proactively respond to potential congestion, emergencies, or any other unforeseen events that may affect the visitor experience.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the positive impact that Wizzie has on the environmental sustainability of tourist destinations. By optimizing mobility within the destination, unnecessary travel is reduced, thereby decreasing the carbon footprint associated with tourist transportation. Similarly, by better understanding visitor consumption patterns, measures can be implemented to promote more responsible and eco-friendly practices.


Wizzie, a real-time intelligent network observability platform, represents a powerful and versatile tool to drive the transformation towards Smart Tourist Destinations by providing accurate information on visitor behavior, improving destination management, and increasing tourist satisfaction, contributing to sustainable development and the well-being of local communities. In an increasingly connected world, investing in this technology is investing in smarter, more inclusive, and responsible tourism.

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