What is Wizzie?

Wizzie uses data from network infrastructure, IoT devices, traffic telemetry, and many other sources to provide insights. The Wizzie platform offers a completely user-customizable analytics solution that offers multidimensional interactive queries, widgets, dashboards, alarms and reports for a complete understanding of your infrastructure.

The Wizzie Ecosystem

The Wizzie ecosystem is built upon two main components: Prozzie and the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP). This ecosystem allows you to collect, process and index any type of data, from any source you can imagine.

wizzie network infrastructure


Prozzie provides the different data source collection and transformation functions, has fault-tolerance, is data persistent, and offers back-pressure and data authentication as well as encryption from Prozzie to the platform.

The connectors, which perform the actual data collection, are managed by the Prozzie. These connectors can process almost any current protocol, albeit the generic ones (like HTTP, MQTT, KAFKA…) or specific ones (like NetFlow, IoT, Syslog…). 

Wizzie Data Platform (WDP)

The ecosystem’s cornerstone is the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP). The platform is based on a Big Data stack that is entirely deployed on top of a microservices architecture, providing scalability, elasticity, and modularization.

WDP is a continuous data stream where the Wizzie Workflow module (see below) performs the processing. This scenario allows building different solutions on top of the platform. You can deploy many solutions on top of the base platform but, in case you need something special, you can use plugins which extend the WDP capabilities even beyond. Also, WDP is fully managed through different API REST services.

The Wizzie workflow

The Wizzie Workflow module is what separates our ecosystem from the rest. Not only does is gather all the necessary data from all the available sensors and information sources, but it processes the stream in real time to normalize the data format, enrich and correlate the information combining various data sources and finally index the data to allow a faster retrieval when needed.

Wizzie workflow

Every edition includes


Real Time Processing

Put the power of Big Data at your fingertips with Wizzie.

Open components

Future proof technology, supported by the Community.


Data Normalization

Use as many data sources as you like. Wizzie unifies them.

Protocol connectors

Don’t worry about your data acquisition or the protocols.


Growing capacity

Start small, grow over time. Wizzie scales easily.

Modular architecture

Change or add what you need for your use cases.