Wizzie Analytics and Factoria Blockchain have signed an agreement to distribute the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) for real-time data analysis within their portfolio of products and services.

Factoria Blockchain is the perfect ally due to experience, professionalism and its countless clients who benefit from such collaboration, giving added value to its consulting and implementation service in the digital transformation.

Wizzie Analytics has developed a Big Data ecosystem whose main component is the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP). A platform capable of leveraging available data sources to accelerate technology deployment and save costs.

WDP is based on Microservices and Big Data Technology for Operational Intelligence Streaming processing.

A flexible platform that, through its different components, processes data so that customers can apply their own business logic on a single platform.

WDP transforms complex data into simple data by ingesting large amounts of data from various sources and in different formats.

Its Machine Learning components detect anomalies and can make predictions based on time series.

WDP’s architecture is container-based and enables fast on-premises or cloud-provider deployments.

Wizzie Data Platform is an essential tool in sectors that handle large volumes of data such as: event spaces, retail, energy, vehicle fleets, intelligent waste management, environmental management to reduce CO2 levels, among others.

An alliance that provides high-value solutions to companies in a field as demanded and complex as Big Data and data analysis to improve decision-making and increase revenue.

New stakeholders and the impact of new technologies pose new scenarios, opportunities and business models between companies that promote innovation and improve results.

About Wizzie

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company, expert in Big Data and Machine Learning. They work on the development of solutions to store, process and visualize large amounts of data in all kinds of formats, collected from any source in real time. Customers can apply their own business logic and improve decision making from a single platform, the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP).


About Factoria Blockchain

Factoría Blockchain is a consultancy specialized in information technology (IT) and digital transformation for companies. They offer advanced technological solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things, with the aim of adapting and promoting projects or companies to the new digital era. European Award for Technology and Innovation.

Learn more at www.factoriablockchain.com

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