Fibratel signs a strategic alliance with Wizzie Analytics to distribute its products and solutions.

Wizzie Analytics has developed an ecosystem whose main component is called WDP (Wizzie Data Platform).

WDP is based on Microservices and Big Data Technology, specialized in Operational Intelligence Streaming Processing. It allows to adapt the processing of data through its different components in a flexible and scalable way, so that customers can apply their own business logic.

WDP is capable of collecting an unlimited amount of information from different sources, with different formats to analyze and offer relevant information on the quality indicators related to the movement of people, crowd counting and control, high occupation density areas and social distancing, supplier and fleet tracking, as well as staff geopositioning in order to meet specific needs at all times.

Fibratel, as an integrator of IT solutions and Wizzie Analytics as a reference company in Big Data and Machine Learning share the objectives of ensuring that new technologies reach all companies and lead their digital transformation. In this way, the agreement will allow the development of Data Analysis projects and will facilitate the implementation of IoT services in publicly accessible spaces such as tradeshows, company offices or in the retail field, among others.

Fibratel and Wizzie Analytics’s services will provide specific applications such as the detection of areas with high occupancy density, prediction of the social distance that may exist at a certain time or area, detection of behavioral patterns, being able to issue alerts and anticipate before any incident occurs optimizing security and improving the experience of customers and visitors.

Likewise, these tools also have benefits for the users of these spaces, such as the reduction of waiting times, queue detection, temperature analysis and monitoring of CO2 levels.

Fibratel has extensive experience in high-density Wi-Fi projects in sectors such as hospitality, healthcare and retail. Its team of engineers advises and implements simple and fast deployment solutions in those companies that require state-of-the-art connectivity, guaranteeing maximum connection speed and maximum security.

The sum of Fibratel and Wizzie technologies provides the Business Intelligence that many companies need to boost their income by improving productivity and making their assets profitable, with a solution capable of adapting to any environment in a very short time, and, at the same tim, using existing resources to save costs.

About Wizzie

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company that is an expert in Big Data and Machine Learning. They work on the development of solutions to store, process and visualize large amounts of data in all kinds of formats, collected from any source in real time. Customers can apply their own business logic and improve their decision making from a single platform, Wizzie Data Platform (WDP).

About Fibratel

We are a global integrator of IT solutions that connects companies to the world of technology and we help them in their digital transformation by being their technological partner. We add innovation, knowledge and flexibility to design, develop and manage the most appropriate solutions for our clients.

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