The manufacturer with its own data analytics platform with observability for smart networks and spaces, leader for its value-added solution, announces the appointment of Nanci Bobbio as the new Director of Marketing and Communication from July 2022.

 Desde Wizzie hemos apostado por renovar nuestra estrategia de comunicación y acciones de marketing incorporando a Nanci Bobbio, a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the world of Marketing & Events, twelve of them in the technology sector, Nanci began her career at Diasa Informática where she worked as Marketing Manager for Iberia, a company later acquired by Arrow Ecs Spain. To promote and strengthen alliances with Channel Partners, Wizzie is committed to innovative and more effective marketing in line with the growing needs of the business.

Nanci assumes responsibility for the corporate image, giving support to the commercial area to promote the success of business development with the Channel and the relationship with the specialized media in the sector.

I am very excited about this new professional stage at Wizzie Analytics. We have the best technical team and a unique platform to analyze and monitor all data in real time; positioning Wizzie as a global benchmark in the data analytics market. A decisive impulse for our international expansion.

About Wizzi Analytics

Wizzie, a manufacturer that has its own cloud data analytics platform, which provides analysis and visibility for smart networks and spaces at any scale globally. The Wizzie platform provides observability in three areas in an integrated manner: Smart Spaces, Network Infrastructures and Traffic, making Wizzie a solution of unparalleled value with a unique and privileged position in the market, thus allowing it to cover the needs posed by different clients. to its integrators.

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