Madrid, May 21. The Spanish company Wizzie Analytics, specialized in advanced analysis of network infrastructures and observability of smart spaces, has closed a seed funding round of 150,000 euros this month, with the exclusive participation of Fernando Saiz.

Fernando Saiz emphasized that this investment round will allow Wizzie Analytics to continue developing and refining the SaaS platform, Wizzie.

The Wizzie platform integrates with the leading manufacturers of network and IoT infrastructure, enabling the collection of data from their spaces, networks, sensors, and infrastructure at any scale, with high scalability to adapt to projects of any size.

Wizzie transforms information into knowledge through Dashboards, KPIs, dynamic plans, maps, and alerts.

All of this is done efficiently and simply to implement strategies for Smart Retail, Smart Banking, Smart Cities, or any other strategy that requires observability of spaces.

About Wizzie

Wizzie Analytics is a specialized manufacturer in advanced analysis and observability of smart spaces, IT infrastructures, and network traffic analysis through a unique SaaS platform, Wizzie Data Platform (WDP). Wizzie integrates with the leading global network manufacturers, adapting information processing through its different components so that customers can apply their own business logic and improve real-time decision-making regardless of the complexity of their environment.

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