Nunsys, an expert company in comprehensive technology solutions, seals an alliance with Wizzie Analytics, an initiative that seeks to integrate Wizzie solutions into its portfolio of products and services for the development of new proposals aimed at helping companies optimize their production processes or improve the safety and experience of its customers, among others.

Nunsys has advanced in the development of new alliances with technological partners of recognized prestige. This has allowed them to support their clients in responding to this uncertain environment in which we find ourselves through the use of technology, the purpose of which is none other than to provide companies with greater resilience and performance.

The digital revolution is marked by technology that harnesses data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fuel machine learning systems. Wizzie Analytics as a manufacturer in today’s market seeks to achieve business intelligence through data collection, analysis and sharing with all key functional systems to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Wizzie Analytics unites three products in a single platform for data analysis and observability: SmartSpaces or analysis of intelligent spaces; IT Infrastructure, the solution for the analysis and observability of multiple systems and different equipment manufacturers; and Network Traffic, which provides a comprehensive view of network usage in even the most complex ecosystems.

To remain competitive, companies must accelerate their digital transformation. New business models, the creation of unique customer experiences and the use of data analysis contribute to this. Wizzie’s technology allows organizations to compete in today’s changing market environment by focusing not on the amount of data handled, but on what is done with it.

A strategy based on understanding the market and its options, as well as understanding customers and their use of the products and services that make up the offer, is necessary to maximize the benefits of intelligent data analysis such as increased production, improving energy efficiency, optimizing the use of resources, to increase profitability and be more sustainable.

About Nunsys

Created in 2007 with 100% national capital, Nunsys is a company specialized in the implementation of comprehensive technology solutions. It carries out Communications, Systems, Software development, Industry, Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Audiovisual and Training projects, aimed at both private companies and public entities. Nunsys is currently made up of more than 600 professionals with extensive experience in the ICT sector and serves more than 3,000 national clients through its network of 15 delegations in the main Spanish provincial capitals.

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About Wizzie

Wizzie Analytics is a manufacturer specializing in advanced analytics and observability of smart spaces, IT infrastructures and network traffic analysis through a single platform in SaaS mode, Wizzie Data Platform (WDP).

Wizzie integrates with the main global network manufacturers, adapting information processing through its different components so that customers can apply their own business logic and improve real-time decision-making regardless of the complexity of their environment.

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