On September 20th in Malaga, organized by the City Council of Malaga and FYCMA, the Greencities Forum and S-Moving Forum of 2023 began.

Wizzie, led by its CEO Fernando Saiz and its Business Development Director, José Díaz Muros, actively participated in this significant event alongside partners like Gaia-X Hub Spain.

This event brings together key drivers in the field of urban management and future mobility, focusing on sustainable and innovative urban development with the participation of leading experts in sustainability, urban management, and smart mobility.

Topics addressed include green hydrogen, decarbonization, depopulation, intelligent and sustainable spaces. Throughout, technology plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to real-time data and reports, which Wizzie provides. It is an essential tool with immense added value, offering the possibility of obtaining space analytics along with network analytics.

Fernando Saiz, CEO of Wizzie and its Business Development Director, José Díaz Muros
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