From November 14th to 16th, the “II Congress Anticipating the Future” was held in Costa Rica, addressing strategic themes aimed at tackling upcoming challenges. Wizzie was present alongside major companies such as Fortinet and Microsoft to share its experience.

The Congress, organized by Costa Rican deputy Andrea Álvarez, emphasized that “foresight is a useful tool for legislative development. It’s often said that legislation always lags behind innovation and technology, but this can be changed.”

This 2023 edition of the Congress focused on six fundamental axes representing the necessary future vision for any nation:

  • Future human rights and citizenship of the 21st century
  • Challenges in health and demographic transition
  • Economy of the future
  • Future of work
  • Existential risks
  • Artificial intelligence and ethics

During the Congress, the book “Generative Technologies and Cyberspace on the Legislative Agenda 2024” was presented.

This book serves as an essential tool to guide Parliaments and technology manufacturers.

Wizzie’s presentation, titled “Urban Intelligence: Transparency and Better Decisions with Open Data,” highlighted the benefits Wizzie can offer in the realm of Smart Cities and intelligent tourist destinations. The presentation was led by Wizzie’s Business Development Director, José Díaz Muros.

Photo - Wizzie at the II Congress 'Anticipating the Future' in Costa Rica

This publication is the result of commitment from legislators, academics, representatives of international organizations, and experts in emerging technologies, cybersecurity, digital law, communication, and political science. Their contributions led to the agreement on 10 guiding principles for artificial intelligence for parliaments and 10 guiding principles for citizen cybersecurity.

The publication was coordinated by Moisés Benamor, Head of the Legislative Institutions Support Section of the Organization of American States (OAS) Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy, and Marlon Molina, Director of the Cybersecurity Laboratory of the Madrid Capital Fintech (MAD Fintech).

During the closing ceremony, Wizzie participated alongside the OAS, Fortinet, Microsoft, MAD Fintech, MasterCard, and parliamentary representatives.

We’re incredibly proud to contribute our experience in Smart Cities and grateful to the Organization of American States (OAS), the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Costa Rica, and especially Marlon Molina, Director of the MadFinTech Cybersecurity Laboratory (Madrid Capital Fintech Cluster), for their professionalism and for making this possible!

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