On Friday, May 24th, the presentation by Les Roches, a leading institution in hotel training, of Spark X Foundation, a non-profit organization that will promote innovation, technology, and sustainability to enhance the customer and employee experience, was held in Marbella.

Fernando Saiz, Ceo of Wizzie, was present at the NGO presentation, subsequently congratulating Carlos Díez de la Lastra, Global CEO of Les Roches Global, for this interesting initiative, seeing the synergies between both companies, whose collaboration will be a success by sharing mission, vision, and values.

Wizzie shares Spark X Foundation‘s commitment to inclusion, diversity, and lasting positive social impact with technology as an ally, with the central focus on digital culture.

Spark X Foundation will have two collegiate bodies, the ESG Advisory Council, composed of representatives from tourist destinations, associations, and federations, and the Strategy Advisory Council, composed of professionals of recognized prestige in different areas.

Its work will enable collaboration and knowledge exchange between industry, administration, and the educational community, fostering joint projects, business opportunities, and strategic alliances.

Three innovation spaces

Spark X Foundation will have three interconnected spaces dedicated to knowledge search and transfer, interaction, and collaboration in idea development where Technology and Talent will be crucial. This is where Wizzie will be providing support and collaboration, in the Innovation Hub space, where representatives from federations and associations, public entities, and leading product companies like Wizzie will analyze challenges and develop innovative proposals.

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