From Wizzie Analytics, we congratulate Carlos Díaz Cuero, CCIE Consultant of Telefónica Spain, for having won the Ipad Pro 11 128 GB wifi + cellular prize as a result of the draw that we carried out among the participants who attended the Atmosphere22 event. After the vacation period, Javier Martínez, Key Account Manager at Wizzie Analytics, presents the award at our offices in Madrid, where we had the opportunity to chat with the lucky winner. His praise for Wizzie ratifies once again that we make a difference for our customers and Channel partners, in addition to highlighting the most competitive Solution it provides Observability of Smart Networks and Spaces in an integrated way.

Atmosphere 22 raffle winner.

“I’m sure they’re going to be very successful, because I think they have exactly what I’m missing from a lot of the current platforms we work on. I dedicate myself both to carrying out projects and to support and what you do seems spectacular to me… it can do a lot of good for companies both for their business and for their benefit. As a maintenance worker, I think it’s fantastic, it would improve my life by 90% to have a tool like this”

pointed out Carlos Díaz Cuero.

Javier Martínez of Wizzie, accompanies the development and growth of integrators, providing support and being a strategic support for the business. Through teamwork, Javier helps clients benefit from technology, optimizing their processes with a comprehensive solution to organize, structure and summarize their data through clear reports that allow them to discover revealing information and thus add value. Allowing its partners to operate efficiently and successfully in the market.

About Wizzi Analytics

Wizzie Analytics, a manufacturer that has its own cloud data analytics platform, which provides analysis and visibility for smart networks and spaces at any scale globally. The Wizzie platform provides observability in three areas in an integrated manner: Smart Spaces, Network and Traffic Infrastructures, making Wizzie a solution of unparalleled value, with a unique and privileged position in the market, thus allowing it to cover the needs that arise. different customers to their integrators.

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