Wizzie‘s foray into Central America has marked a milestone in the realm of international development, with a particular focus on this region of vast potential.

The commercial delegation led by José Diaz, Wizzie’s Development Director, is opening up a plethora of opportunities, while also weaving a network of committed collaborators to amplify the company’s presence in Central America.

One of the fundamental pillars of this initiative is the strategic agreement with Mr. Paul Stephen, Regional Director, with whom an alliance has been established to develop the regional market.

The primary objective is to harness the potential of smart tourism and smart destinations in the region, backed by Stephen, and explore new opportunities to add value through innovative technologies offered by Wizzie.

In this journey, Wizzie has found key partners like SOIN, a leading company in systems and IT solutions with over 39 years of experience in the region.

The collaboration with SOIN has focused on the development of immigration processing solutions, as well as exploring applications of the Wizzie analytics platform in various sectors such as retail, public administration, and congress tourism.

Another significant player in this expedition is RACSA, part of the ICE Group, a prominent institution in the field of electricity and telecommunications in Costa Rica.

The tripartite collaboration between the Multilateral Chamber of Commerce and Cooperation Israel – Ibero-America, the ICE Group (including RACSA), and Wizzie aims to present joint proposals for efficiency and sustainability in public agencies.

Additionally, contact has been established with the YOD Foundation, an entity dedicated to promoting cybersecurity and digital education in Costa Rica. Collaboration with the YOD Foundation reflects Wizzie‘s commitment to cybersecurity and raising awareness about digital risks in the region.

Wizzie‘s agenda in Central America also includes collaboration with educational institutions such as the University of Tourism (UTUR). Through university business projects, the aim is to promote the development of smart tourism and foster innovation in the sector.

Wizzie‘s commercial delegation to Central America represents an opportunity for business growth and a commitment to sustainable development, technological innovation, and digital security in the region.

With these strategic alliances and a focus on added value, Wizzie, a manufacturer of specialized software for advanced analysis of smart spaces, IT infrastructures, network traffic analysis, DTIs, and Smart Tourism, is making a significant mark on the international development landscape in Central America.

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