Wizzie, a platform designed to provide observability of networks and smart spaces, is delighted to announce its membership in the ASET Association.

The Sevillian Association of Tourism Companies (ASER) gathers a diverse collective of companies linked to the tourism industry – in the broadest possible sense.


This association arises from the need to represent these entities before different bodies of public administrations, private organizations, business associations, and other entities and authorities.

This Public-Private collaboration aims to generate synergies that help enhance the positioning of Seville and its province as a national and international tourist destination.

What does Wizzie bring to the ASET Association?

It is increasingly necessary to offer tourists the best experience, understand their tastes, meet their needs, and make them live unique moments. Wizzie helps achieve this by understanding through data the behavior of tourists and their travel patterns, as well as offering opportunities for collaboration with other companies and organizations within the tourism industry and transforming the sector with technology as an ally.

Added value to ASET

The association can also provide opportunities to develop specific solutions and services that meet the unique needs and challenges of the tourism sector with Wizzie, as ASET’s goal is to consolidate the tourism sector as an engine of the economy.

For this purpose, ASET maintains continuous collaboration with the Sevillian economy – which currently accounts for 17% of the GDP – integrating it and relating it to other areas of different public administrations (Junta de Andalucía, Provincial Council, Seville City Council) -, with other related business associations, so that there is an increase and strengthening of other productive units with tourism, with the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services, and Navigation of Seville, with the Confederation of Entrepreneurs directly impacting the economy of our province.

About Wizzie

Wizzie is a real-time Data Analytics platform designed to provide observability of networks and smart spaces.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud is integrated with leading manufacturers of network infrastructure and IoT.

Wizzie collects and analyzes data from spaces, networks, sensors, and infrastructure and enables great scalability that adapts to projects of any size in real-time, turning information into knowledge through dashboards, KPIs, dynamic plans, maps, alerts, and reports.

For more information about Wizzie, visit www.wizzie.io

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