We are proud to announce that Wizzie, a Big Data platform designed to provide advanced analysis of smart spaces, network observability, and IT infrastructures, has been selected to be part of the prestigious “Google for Startups” program by Google Cloud Platform.

This exclusive program provides startups that meet specific criteria with the opportunity to access a variety of benefits, both technically and business-wise.

We are in an unprecedented technological context, experiencing one of the most significant changes in history thanks to AI, as it offers completely new ways to solve problems, capture customer attention, and work more efficiently.

At Google Cloud, they have everything ready to help organizations move forward with new approaches in a world where AI is increasingly taking center stage.

Wizzie has successfully presented its platform, meeting the established requirements, and is now embarking on several initiatives in collaboration with Google.

By joining the “Google for Startups” program, Wizzie will enjoy significant advantages, consolidating its position in the technological field and strengthening the strategic relationship with Google.

The partnership with Google for Startups by Google Cloud drives technical innovation and offers exciting opportunities for commercial growth.

“We are excited to be part of the ‘Google for Startups’ program, an initiative that supports our commitment to technological excellence. This strategic collaboration with Google will allow us to accelerate our growth and continue offering innovative solutions to our customers”, said Fernando Saiz, CEO of Wizzie.

This strategic alliance demonstrates Wizzie’s recognition as an emerging force in the sector, backed by Google’s confidence in its potential.

About Wizzie

Wizzie is a Big Data platform designed to provide observability of networks and smart spaces.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud is integrated with leading manufacturers of network infrastructure and IoT.

Wizzie collects and analyzes data from spaces, networks, sensors, and infrastructure and allows great scalability that adapts to projects of any size in real-time, turning information into knowledge through dashboards, KPIs, dynamic plans, maps, alerts, and reports.

For more information about Wizzie, visit www.wizzie.io

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