At Wizzie, we are delighted to have shared a day with the Minsait Financial Services team on the occasion of the presentation of the latest version of our Platform, a very interesting encounter where we could showcase this powerful tool.

Wizzie, a software manufacturer specializing in advanced analysis of observability in smart spaces, IT infrastructure, and network traffic analysis, is the ideal solution for obtaining valuable, high-quality, and real-time information.

The Wizzie demo presentation was led by Data Engineer Sergio Jiménez Barrio (in the main photo), who demonstrated how this technology can make a difference with its subsequent benefits of usability, flexibility, and customization, among others.

The demo involved a simulation of a banking environment with 300 offices, showcasing network observability and smart spaces, processing 100 million events per day.

Wizzie Presentation to Minsait's Financial Services

The Wizzie platform boosts efficiency, decision-making, and competitiveness in increasingly dynamic and competitive business environments, where data is crucial in decision-making, especially in real-time access for agile yet well-informed decision-making. Clients seek new ways to optimize their operations and make the best decisions.

Thanks to Jesús Morales and his business team, Gregorio Hijosa, Antonio Bolaños, Francisco Montero, José María Fernández Rojas, Celia Zamorano, Juan José Rodríguez Novillo, Alberto Sanz, Juan Ricardo Palumbo, and the pre-sales team led by Ignacio Gutiérrez de Pedraza!

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