Wizzie Analytics becomes a new partner of the SmartCity Cluster to promote the development of actions and projects around Data Intelligence and the IoT ecosystem as background.

Wizzie, as an associate of the SmartCity Cluster, will help boost the innovation in products, processes and services associated with Smart Projects around data, evolving the Sustainable and Integrated Development Strategy, the launch of pilot projects for new technologies and contribute to the processes of the Smart ecosystem.

Wizzie has developed the WDP (Wizzie Data Platform) platform for real-time analytics based on Big Data architectures, which allows to process and store a virtually unlimited number of data streams, and extract valuable information from them in real time. WDP is a cloud-integrated product.

The WDP platform makes use of artificial intelligence engines that combine information from different sources, for tasks such as calculating movement flows of crowds of people, based on the statistics collected by the various sensor systems installed in Fira, or the recognition of resource use patterns, thus allowing anticipating appropriate actions.

All components are built on microservices that can scale as necessary, while maintaining proper data isolation and persistence. At the same time, the complexity is kept to a minimum by using a reduced toolset.

The SmartCity Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities, understood as being efficient, sustainable and comfortable for those who live in them.

We cooperate in the execution of projects, increasing the competitiveness of our associates and generate synergies that promote the development of a real Smart City model.

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