Wizzie, a real-time SaaS observability platform for networks and smart spaces, and a leader in Data Analytics, signs a new collaboration agreement with Atlantis Technology in May 2023 to bring their space and network analytics to the Canary Islands.

The platform, integrated with major network infrastructure and IoT manufacturers, allows for great scalability to adapt to projects of any size. All of this is done efficiently and easily, customizable for each organization.

Wizzie enables companies and institutions to maximize the potential of their data by identifying patterns and trends quickly and effectively (real-time data visualization and alerts), facilitating informed and timely decision-making in changing and dynamic environments, which is immensely valuable when time is a critical factor.

Wizzie Analytics integrates with various data sources, including social networks, databases, IoT sensors, among many others, providing a comprehensive and more complete view of data to obtain valuable insights. Additionally, Wizzie Analytics can be compatible with a wide variety of data formats, making it easier to integrate new data sources into the platform.


About Atlantis Technology:

Atlantis Technology is a technology company based in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. They have a team of nearly a hundred engineers, software developers, digital marketing consultants, and data experts, allowing them to have a high technical expertise and specialists in many cutting-edge technologies in the market.

They have extensive experience in the IT market and in the field of digital transformation, creating value through integrated solutions with broad multi-sector penetration.



About Wizzie:

Wizzie is a Big Data platform designed to provide observability for networks and smart spaces. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud, integrated with major network infrastructure and IoT manufacturers. Wizzie collects and analyzes data from spaces, networks, sensors, and infrastructure, and enables real-time scalability for projects of any scale.

Wizzie turns information into knowledge through dashboards, KPIs, dynamic floor plans, maps, alerts, and reports.


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