Wizzie Analytics and OnTrace have signed a collaboration agreement to integrate their respective platforms in order to expand their portfolios and thus offer a broader solution to their users.

In this way, the BigData Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) process platform will be fed with space analytics data from the OnTrace platform.

Wizzie Analytics’ solution is based on Microservices and Big Data Technology, for Streaming Operational Intelligence processing. It is a flexible platform that, through its components, integrates data from different sources, so that customers can apply their own business logic on a single platform.

On the other hand, the OnTrace platform offers analytics of the behavior of people in physical spaces, processing the data acquired by its own highly reliable sensors. The metrics, real-time information and predictions that OnTrace offers, allow those responsible for the spaces to be more efficient and profitable in their activities.

This is an alliance that provides high-value solutions to companies in a field as demanding and complex as Big Data and data analysis, to improve decision-making and increase revenue.

New stakeholders and the impact of new technologies CREATE new scenarios, opportunities and business models between those companies that promote innovation and make better results possible.

About Wizzie

Wizzie Analytics is a Spanish company, expert in Big Data and Machine Learning. They work on the development of solutions to store, process and visualize large amounts of data in all kinds of formats, collected from any source in real time. Customers can apply their own business logic and improve decision making from a single platform, the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP).


About OnTrace

OnTrace Intelligent Video Analytics is an expert in the reliable acquisition and processing of data in offline environments. With proprietary technology, it has solutions for the efficient management of spaces in different sectors: retail, supermarkets, shopping centers, large spaces, libraries and corporate buildings among others. OnTrace customers have a tool through which they can learn information such as the profile and behavior of their visitors, as well as real-time indicators and predictions to help them make correct decisions. OnTrace has great references from different verticals among its current clients.

Learn more at www.on-trace.com

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