Wizzie has sponsored as a collaborator the Technological Expertise Awards 2023 in an exciting gala where Cybersecurity Talent is the protagonist, and its CEO, Fernando Saiz, attended to share this day.

The IV PETEC Awards gala took place on Saturday, September 23rd, at the College of Orphans of the Civil Guard in Madrid.

The event was particularly emotional due to the tribute to Ángel Pablo Avilés, Angelucho, a distinguished member of PETEC who recently passed away.

The tribute to Angelucho is accompanied by a new PETEC Award for values that will bear his name, the Angel Pablo Avilés Values Award.

The winning organization of the Angel Pablo Avilés Values Award 2023 has been Caritas Madrid for their extraordinary work with the most needy and vulnerable, and for promoting and representing values so necessary in these tumultuous times, such as justice, solidarity, transparency, love for one’s neighbor, and humanity.

Left: Presidente de PETEC, Fernando Mairata. Right: CEO de Wizzie, Fernando Saiz

The celebration, inaugurated by the Secretary of PETEC, Ignacio Carrasco Sayalero, was filled with good moments and surprises, culminating with the speech in memory of Angelucho by the President of PETEC, Fernando Mairata.

The event was professionally and humorously hosted by Miguel Ángel Pérez Laguna.

The independent jury formed by Nebrija University, Kscholl, CINTAC, ASIS Spain, UDIMA University, and the European University had a really tough time deciding the winners.

The event sponsors were Extreme Networks and Smart Human Capital, and as collaborators in sponsorship, Alma y Talento, CORRECTA, and Wizzie.

The winners of the Technological Expertise Awards 2023 are:

Relevant Associate: David Sánchez Jiménez

Digital Talent: Antonio Fernández

Digital Cybersecurity Project ex aequo: DES | Digital Enterprise Show and OEVIGED SOS Network Observatory

Cybersecurity Communicator: Yolanda Corral

Relevant Personality: Juan Salóm Clotet

Professional Trajectory: Efrén Varón Gil

Ángel Pablo Avilés Values: Cáritas Madrid

After the awards ceremony and the customary photos with finalists, winners, and associates, all the guests dined at a nearby venue to continue with the gathering and the joy of the celebration.

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