Wizzie es la solución idónea para tomar mejores decisiones. Si aún no conoces la plataforma Wizzie, ha llegado el momento de hacerlo.

Observabilidad de Redes y Espacios Inteligentes: Herramientas que Potencian Decisiones Informadas

In today’s digital era, the ability to gather, analyze, and understand data is essential for making informed decisions.

Observability of networks and intelligent spaces emerges as a fundamental pillar in this process, offering advanced tools for more effective decision-making across various projects, regardless of their scale.

Your Wizzie Platform

The Wizzie platform utilizes data from network infrastructure, IoT devices, traffic telemetry, and numerous other sources to provide the best insights for your company, enabling better decision-making.

It’s a fully customizable analytical solution that offers multidimensional interactive queries, widgets, dashboards, alarms, and reports for a comprehensive understanding of your infrastructure.

How it Works

Wizzie is a Big Data platform designed to provide observability of networks and intelligent spaces.

This cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is integrated with leading network infrastructure and IoT manufacturers such as Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Galgus, and more.

It collects and analyzes data from spaces, networks, sensors, and infrastructure, allowing great scalability adaptable to projects of any size.

It turns information into knowledge through dashboards, KPIs, dynamic floor plans, maps, alerts, and reports.


1. Limitless Scalability:

One standout feature of observability tools in networks and intelligent spaces is their significant scalability.

Wizzie is designed to adapt to projects of any size, from business environments to urban-scale implementations.

Flexibility in expanding infrastructure ensures this tool’s effectiveness for both growing startups and cities seeking to optimize operational efficiency.

2. Exhaustive Data Collection:

Observability goes beyond mere monitoring; it involves thorough data collection from various sources.

From IoT sensors to complex network systems, this tool allows real-time data collection to provide a holistic view of the environment, improving the ability to identify potential issues while offering a deep insight into system performance and interaction.

3. Advanced Analysis:

Massive data collection requires equally robust analytical capabilities.

Wizzie, as an observability tool, employs advanced techniques such as predictive analysis and machine learning to extract valuable insights from collected data. This aids in proactive problem identification and facilitates strategic decision-making based on emerging patterns and trends.

4. Resource Optimization:

In business and urban environments, resource efficiency is crucial.

Wizzie’s observability solution enables more effective infrastructure management by providing real-time information on asset performance, leading to smarter resource allocation, cost optimization, and long-term sustainability improvements.

5. User Experience Enhancement:

In the context of intelligent spaces, observability benefits system administrators and end-users alike.

The ability to anticipate and proactively address issues ensures a smoother and more reliable experience for those interacting with the digital or physical environment supported by Wizzie.

Observability of networks and intelligent spaces represents a significant advancement in understanding and managing complex environments.

From scalability to advanced analysis, Wizzie offers a competitive advantage by providing necessary real-time information for informed decision-making.

Adopting the Wizzie solution is the best technology investment, enhancing adaptability, and ensuring the success of any enterprise in an increasingly interconnected world.

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