The client

One of the main banking groups in the Spanish financial system.

The challenge

The bank had tried several tools for the analysis of its network infrastructure, but the results fell short. They needed a solution capable of merging the monitoring and presence data provided by Aruba Central to solve very different problems in the most efficient way possible:

  •  Analyze the clients that are connected and distinguish them by office
  • Distinguish traffic by network, by Wi-Fi network to which they are connected
  • See the evolution of the signal-to-noise ratio that is taking place
  • Observing the data on the presence of clients in the branches
  • Reduce costs and volume of calls to the support center
  • Improve service to bank employees and customers

The solution

An advanced, flexible and scalable analytics platform capable of exploiting data in real time.

After assessing the bank’s needs, Wizzie outlined two goals:

Objective 1: Based on the specific connectors developed by Wizzie to collect data in real time, from the Aruba Central Streaming API, create a DataLake that allows the data to be exploited, generating updated reports on the evolution of the use of resources of each of the network devices over time.

Objective 2: Obtain reports on the capacity of all the devices in the Bank’s global network, to know if the defined limits are being reached or not and to know where to invest to improve the network.

Wizzie followed a three-step strategy to build the analysis of the bank’s IT infrastructure:

  • Implement Wizzie’s Traffic Analytics solution to measure network traffic and evaluate the quality of connections: voice over IP, bandwidth for videoconferencing connections, correct use of banking applications, etc.


  • Use the information that comes from all available data sources to identify the type of problem: latency, connectivity or if it is a service outage problem.


  • Design a series of dashboards that help make decisions by separating critical problems from specific problems and common problems that are not serious.

The result

There are currently 500 offices connected and 1,200 are expected. Right now there are more than 6,000 connected workers (users) and about 3,000 devices, including routers, Ap’s and switches.

Wizzie processes a volume of data in real time of more than 70 million events per day to generate updated reports on the evolution of the use of resources of each of the devices on the network:

  • Memory Resources
  • CPU resources
  • Physical resources in terms of switch port usages
  • Bandwidth of the contracted gateways regardless of the provider
  • Number of users connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Incorporated offices

The bank finally has a real-time solution that is effective in detecting problems with the use of the resources of each of the devices connected to the network. And they can report with the flexibility they need to know where to invest to stay ahead of problems.

Wizzie’s solution helps the bank reduce its analysis efforts in the data process, displaying the results in simple dashboards that users can configure to suit their decision-making needs.

A cloud data platform that enables unlimited scalability for all future analytics work to be tackled.

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